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Science and Structure = A FASTER YOU
T H I N K  P E R F O R M A N C E

Want to get started and/or improve upon your goals? Do it with structured individualised workouts and science-backed training guidance.


  • “I have been working with Coach Paulo for almost 18 months now. I can say without doubt I am a better cyclist than I ever thought I could be because of his extensive knowledge and dedication.  He analyses every ride to the point that he can tell me how I felt and see even the slightest gains. 

    He has more to offer than just telling me what to do everyday. It has been an education on many levels and I am very happy to have found him and look forward to seeing where he can take me.”

    Bill Clark
    2017 - UCI Gran Fondo World Championships
    Road Cyclist, Connecticut - USA
  • "Just over a year ago I met Paulo on the Zwift platform and somehow, even through the virtual world, he saw something in me and knew I had potential for much more. In that year, through hard work mind you, but with his guidance and support, his coaching program increased my FTP by nearly 30 watts to 242 or 4.2 w/kg and I have broken my Time Trial records, recording a PB with each successive race. I am in awe of my performance and I owe it all to Paulo and his coaching strategy. I would recommend his program, his passion, and his commitment to making one a better cyclist to anyone!"

    Jill Seeman
    2015  Australian National Masters TT Champion
    Road Cyclist, Adelaide - Australia
  • “Paulo is a great coach, always push me up, and introducing new technologies turning something that sometimes is quite boring in exciting moments! He also really know how to plan a workout, including important details as where to increase or decrease the power, how long to stop and much more. He is always in touch, and is very attentive and courteous.”

    Tiago Britto
    2016 -  L' Etape Brazil
    Road Cyclist, Espirito Santo - Brazil
  • "Paulo helps me train efficiently, so I don't have to beat my body down with unnecessary training. As I increase my competitons, Paulo prioritizes recovery and injury prevention over training frequency. I train lees and keep winning, is that simple!"

    Mieke Kröger
    Pro Cyclist - Team Virtu Cycling
    Road and Track Cyclist,  Bielefeld, Germany
  • "Paulo will make you faster on the bike, period!"

    Rob Britton
    Pro Cyclist - 2017 1st Overall Tour of Utah
    Road Cyclist, Saskatchewan, Canada
  • "Training with Paulo  quite simply makes every second you spend on the saddle and off the saddle count. He has completely transformed my riding performance.”

    Guillaume Seye
    Pro Cyclist - EFC-L&R-VULSTEKE
    Road Cyclist, Wachtebeke, Belgium


Calgary, Alberta


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